HQW Enterprise all rights reserved Google Code Past updates-click here WEBSITE BY DAVE HARRIS Latest Updates Enter Here Become a member opens in new window opens in new window connect with us February 1, 2013 Aspen is in Sneakers today-and she has some difficulty starting Lucy, but once she gets that old Comet running, she starts revving the shit out of that old engine! February 4, 2013 After she is done revving her car, she is ready to do some driving, Aspen style! She takes off her sneakers and drives in her socks (a member request). February 6, 2013 Her Sputtering Car-full version Part 1 February 12, 2013 Her Sputtering Car Part 2-Aspen starts her car and does some nice revving-near the end of this clip she is barefoot, and ready to drive off. February 14, 2013 Maybe you are without your loved one, or maybe you have not yet found him or her- or maybe you are both into this- what ever the reason, we hope this barefoot driving footage is just what you were looking for-Happy Valentines Day! February 27th 2013 Aspen returns to form in a clip that everyone will love. This is classic Aspen, cranking, pumping, revving, even massaging her legs-this video premier is exclusively for our members and is not available in our clips 4 sale studio. March 1, 2013 More exclusive content from Aspen as we pick up where we left off yesterday-Aspen is gunning the engine of this old car when it stalls on her and Aspen gets very angry and begins to furiously pump the shit out of the gas pedal while trying to start her car. In the end, a noticeably frustrated Aspen is upset that her car won’t crank anymore no matter how much she tries because she over heated the starter motor. Women-whaddayagonnado? March 8, 2013 We had this since last year but never posted it because the first minute showed too much of Aspen’s face-not by much, but perhaps more than she wanted. I had left in in a so called digital pile until I rediscover it again the other day and applied a lo- tech solution to the problem-applying a tiny bit of smudge (screen shot on the left taken at about :16) to the video’s first minute. From there, we zoom in and the camera focuses on some incredibly sexy legs (see screen shot on the right, taken after the 1:06 mark) that could only belong to one person. This video was made when Howard was out of town and Aspen was alone, making him a “I miss you” video card. So who operated the second camera? We had a second shooter hidden in the grass filming from another angle-the proof is on the tape. As for Aspen-she gives a magical performance. March 5, 2013 We never go around to posting the rest of Aspen’s barefoot driving-this is short but sweet as she arrives at her destination and backs Lucy the Comet back into place. Latest Updates